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  • As promised, here are two of my ebooks as a thank you for subscribing to the Ripple Revolution email list.

    The first is my free ebook (it might take a little time to download, so be patient). 

    The Aliveness CODE First-Aid Kit

    I wrote this to offer specific ideas you can use to feel less stressed on those days when things go “splat!” It’s based on The Aliveness CODE ™, the framework I use in my work helping people feel less stressed and depleted, and more energized and alive.

    I wrote it as a free offer to help me build my email list for my Aliveness CODE newsletter. The link above is a direct download of the ebook, but if you’d like, you can subscribe to that newsletter here.

    The second is an ebook I usually offer for sale, but I’m sharing it with you here for free as a thank you:

    The Drive to Inner Peace
    How your commute can make you happier & less stressed

    Our time behind the wheel is like a Petri dish for all the things that keep us unhappy, small, and stuck. Irritation. Impatience. Anger. Wanting things to be different than they are. Wanting control over what’s out of our control. Disconnection. You name it, it shows up when we’re driving.

    I wrote The Drive to Inner Peace based on my own practice in the car, using my own bad behavior and negative tendencies as a starting point for a spiritual and personal growth practice. It had such a positive impact on me, I decided other people needed to know about it as well. So I wrote this ebook.

    They are both part of my vision for changing the world from the inside out.

    Thanks for being a part of that vision!