• How to feel less stressed, more energized, & more in your groove!
  • a FREE webinar with Curt Rosengren
    Tuesday, February 6th at 11 a.m. Pacific

  • What if you could learn a simple and effective way to feel less stressed, more resilient, more energized, and more in your groove?

    And what if that opened up the door to living more fully into your potential, and making the impact you’re here to make?

    Would you be interested?

    That’s exactly what I want to share in this FREE webinar.

  • This webinar is for you if:

    • You feel stressed and want to feel more at peace.
    • You want to get better at navigating the challenges life throws your way.
    • You want to feel more energized and in the groove.
    • You want to make more of an impact with your life.
    • You want to make a positive change, but feel stuck.
  • In this webinar I’m going to share:

    • A simple framework for working with the dynamics at play that shape how you experience your life.
    • A way to approach positive change that doesn’t rely on the world around you cooperating with what you want (but welcomes it when it does).
    • Specific practices and techniques to help you navigate the often bumpy landscape of life with less stress and more flow.


    Date: Tuesday, February 6th 2018

    Time: 11:00 - 12:00 Pacific Time

  • What people are saying...

  • I think in two words, I’m more peaceful and joyful in my days. I’m giving myself permission to show up and belly laugh, even if nobody else is belly laughing around me. I just feel happier overall.

    Ellen Lende - Seattle, WA

  • I feel personally healthier, calmer. I have less stress in my life. More equanimity in my life. I feel more resilient. I’m less reactive than I used to be.

    Jennifer Whitley - Austin, TX

  • When I reflect back on this work we’ve done together, I would say that I’m more compassionate with myself than I have been in the past. Perhaps more than I have ever been with myself.

    Craig Nelson - Seattle, WA

  • About Curt Rosengren

  • For the last 17 years, Curt Rosengren's professional focus has been on helping people feel more energized and alive, less stressed and depleted, and more in their groove. His mission to change the world from the inside out recognizes that the state of our inner world and our ability to make an impact in the world around us are inextricably linked. 

    He has written several ebooks, including The Drive to Inner Peace, The Aliveness CODE First-Aid Kit, and The Occupational Adventure Guide. His insights have been quoted in newspapers throughout North America, including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Globe and Mail, and The Seattle Times.