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  • When best-selling author Gretchen Rubin’s book, Happier at Home hit the New York Times best-seller list earlier this year, it found some familiar company – her first happiness-focused book, The Happiness Project. As of now, The GretchenRubinHappiness Project has been on the bestseller list for over two years!

    For each book, Gretchen spent a year focusing one month at a time on exploring and implementing different areas related to happiness, then wrote about what she learned.

    Listen to this interview with Gretchen and learn:

    • The power of focusing on “ordinary happiness”
    • How getting a handle on everyday life often allows people to make bigger changes
    • How our home environment can make a difference in our lives
    • Why self-knowledge is a key to happiness
    • The importance of negative emotions in living a happier life
    • The importance of mindfulness and paying attention
    • Why you should enjoy the fun of failure
    • The power of perspective in overcoming fear, uncertainty, and doubt
    • The importance of being discerning about what you allow into your brain
    • Three questions to ask to decide whether the news you’re watching/reading adds anything to your life
    • Tips for starting your own Happiness Project

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