• I'm on a mission to change the world from the inside out. My calling is to help you create a life you love - one that makes the world a better place just by the way you live it.

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  • Option #1 - Referrals

    This is the first way you can help me. Referrals, referrals, referrals.

    And more referrals.

    Yep. Referrals are good. 

  • Option #1 - Referrals

    Spread the word via social media.

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    This video is an introductory video. It is the first of a series of three. 

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  • I have a vision for changing the world from the inside out. (See more about that here.)

    I’m energized. I’m inspired. I’m more excited about what I am doing and the impact it has the potential to make than I have ever been.

    …and it’s time for me to get more proactive about reaching out for help.

    I created this page to make it easy for you to help in whatever way works for you. I’m looking for:

    • New clients (if that’s you)
    • Introductions to potential new clients (if you know someone)
    • Sharing a link to my upcoming Aliveness CODE coaching group on social media
    • Sharing a link to my free ebook on social media
    • Connecting me with speaking opportunities
    • Living room workshops

    You’ll find details and links below. I’m not asking you to pick one of each. It’s more a smorgasbord of ideas to make it easy for you to help in whatever way makes sense for you.


    Working with me yourself:
    If you’re interested in my Aliveness CODE coaching, drop me a line at curt@curtrosengren.com and let’s set up a time for a phone or Skype call to explore what that could look like. It’s aimed at helping you feel less stressed and depleted and more energized and alive. There’s often a strong stress management component.

    Here’s what a recent client had to say about the benefits of working with me.
    (Nutshell: “I have less stress in my life. More equanimity in my life. I feel more resilient. I’m more at peace.”)

    Introduction: If you know anyone you think might like to explore my coaching, I find making an email introduction is typically most effective if it feels appropriate.

    (Bonus: For every four Aliveness CODE based sessions a referral does, I’ll give you one free session to use yourself or give to someone else.)

    Sharing links

    Sharing links on social media (or anywhere else) would be helpful.

    Aliveness CODE coaching group: This will be a six-week, phone-based group centered around how to feel less stressed and depleted and more energized and alive. (More info here.)

    The Aliveness CODE First-Aid Kit: This is the free e-book offering a bucketload of ideas for how to navigate stress on the fly that I wrote as a free offer to help build my email list.

    Direct PDF download for you (so you can have it without needing to sign up)

    Link to share (people can download it by signing up with their first name and email address)

    My Facebook professional page: This is my “public figure” page on Facebook. I’m just starting to get regular with posting and promoting it more. (Link here)

    The Drive to Inner Peace: This is an ebook for sale. It’s about how to use your time behind the wheel to help you develop a greater inner peace (it’s based on my own practice in the car, which has been super impactful on me). (Link here)

    Speaking opportunities

    Connection with speaking opportunities:
    If you’re involved in an organization that might like a speaker around stress management, how to bring your best self to the game, or meaning, purpose, and making a difference, I would love a connection. Here are some potential topics.

    Living room workshops

    Organize a living room workshop:
    I love doing these! You get together several friends, provide the space, and I come in and do a workshop (here are some speaking topics for ideas). It’s a fun and low-key way to dive in and get a lot of personal engagement around the ideas. If you’re interested, drop me a line and we can find a time to talk more about it.

    Thanks so much!