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  • Kevin Salwen – Ripple Revolution interview

  • In 2006 Kevin Salwen and his family were living what they thought was the good life. Kevin, who had recently left his position as National Small Business Editor at the Wall Street Journal, was an Kevin Salwenentrepreneur starting up a media company. His wife Joan was a partner at Accenture. They lived in a beautiful $2 million historic Atlanta home and were, as Kevin describes it, caught up in “keeping up with the Joneses, the Feinsteins, and just about anybody else you can think of.”

    So how did they end up selling that house, moving into one half the size, and using half the proceeds to do good in the world? That’s the story of The Power of Half, the book Kevin co-authored with his daughter Hannah (who was the catalyst for deciding to do that).

    In this podcast, Kevin shares that inspiring story and offers insights on:

    • How you can use the power of half to make the world a better place, both individually and as a family.
    • How to make making a difference a family affair.
    • How to explore what kind of difference you want to make in the world.
    • How a collaborative focus on making a difference can strengthen family bonds.
    • The power of empowerment: How giving their kids equal say in deciding how the money was used affected their engagement, and ultimately their decision-making in life in general.

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