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    You have probably heard Gandhi’s quote, “my life is my message.” But what if that were literally true? What if by some strange magic, there were a neon sign floating over your head sharing the message that your life is sending?

    Don’t worry. This sign won’t be flashing the details of that embarrassing fantasy that just flashed through your mind, or what you really think about your spouse’s latest hare-brained idea. It shares a much broader picture than that.

    This sign flashes the overall messages you are creating with your life.

    Stop a minute and think about that. What message would your life right now be sending? Would it be about stress or peace? Conflict or resolution? Divisiveness or connectedness?

    This idea is less about taking a specific action and more about creating a context for the whole shebang.

    If you’re an everyday activist, it’s because you want to make the world a better place. I’m willing to bet that the second of each of those options I just mentioned was the one you would you aspire to. Who wants to hand a world of stress, conflict, and divisiveness down to future generations?

    Try this. Write down three words that reflect the message you would want your life to send.

    If peace, justice, and connectedness (or whatever words you resonate with) is the message you want to send, then it follows that most – if not all – of what creates stress in your life is a result of going off-message.

    Take a look at your inner landscape. Is that what you’re embodying? How could you bring your life more in alignment with the message you really want to send?

    One way to bring this more consciously to the fore in your mind is to do an end-of-day review. At the end of each day before you go to bed, scan back through the day and compare the message you sent with the message you aspire to.

    If it was out of alignment with any of your three messages, follow that up with, “What could I have done differently?”

    The more you can come into alignment with the message you want your life to send, the more likely that is to automatically have a stress-reducing impact.

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