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  • Stress management coaching

    Do you feel:

    • Stressed?
    • Worn down and burned out?
    • Like the joy has gone out of life?
    • Overwhelmed?
    • Like life is running you, rather than the other way around?

    And do you wish you could:

    • Feel more peaceful and calm?
    • Be less reactive to life's challenges and irritations?
    • Navigate life's inevitable bumps and bruises more smoothly?
    • Enjoy life more?

    If you answered yes to any of these, you could benefit from stress reduction coaching.

    My stress reduction coaching is based on The Aliveness CODE (tm), the framework I developed that blends the insights gained in years of helping clients improve their here-and-now with a liberal dose of neuroscience and psychology research (with a dash of spiritual perspective thrown in for good measure). 

    Through this stress reduction coaching, you will come away with: 

    • Tools to help you reduce and cope with stress.
    • A greater sense of control over how you feel.
    • A better ability to handle the negative emotions that come up with stress.
    • A greater empowerment to create a positive experience of life. 
    • A foundation that will help you reduce stress, navigate it when it does come up, and be more resilient when things go sideways.

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