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  • Client Stories & Testimonials

  • “I feel better equipped to handle the family challenges that I’m still in the middle of, and I feel personally healthier, calmer. I have less stress in my life. More equanimity in my life. I feel more resilient. I listen better. I’m less reactive than I used to be.

    When our work concluded, I had some new tools in the toolbox. It helped me manage things while we were working together, but the approaches that we worked on together also had staying power. They have helped me over the last several months, but they will still be applicable as I face new challenges three months, six months, three years down the road. It’s a powerful toolset.”

    – Jennifer Whitley, Austin, TX

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    “I think in two words, I’m more peaceful and joyful in my days. I’m giving myself permission to show up and belly laugh, even if nobody else is belly laughing around me. I just feel happier overall.

    Curt has a gentle yet powerful way of asking questions to uncover, and discover, and look at those areas in need of improvement. He’s really a wonderful balance of the intellect and intuition. He offers great insights. And then make it light and breezy and fun.” 

    – Ellen Lende, Seattle, WA

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    “The biggest change is really in my own mind. To trust in myself, no need to prove it to anybody. I am beginning to understand the importance of having deep compassion for myself. When I reflect back on this work we’ve done together, I would say that I’m more compassionate with myself than I have been in the past. Perhaps more than I have ever been with myself.

    Curt was the perfect coach for me. He displayed the right combination of patience, of listening, of throwing out ideas to consider, and of challenging me and my assumptions in a good-natured, friendly way.

    He’ a good listener. He is also insightful, but not attached to his ideas. He was a bit of a task master, keeping me focused and on task. At the same time, he was flexible. He stressed from the beginning that the route is not always a straight line. I could not have imagined getting where I am today from where I started.”

    – Craig Nelson, Seattle, WA

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    “Curt was able to help me answer the question, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ He taught me a lot about taking control of my career and my destiny and knowing what I like and what I want to do. If I had not gone through the exercises he took me through, I probably would not be where I am today, which is happier, with lots of responsibilities I enjoy, and actively planning for what’s next.”

    – Gavin Warrener, Seattle, WA

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    Curt’s expertise, his intuition, his wisdom, his brilliance, and his capacity to articulate what’s on his mind and what he’s sensing.”

    – Amy Thomas

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    “Making the change sounds like it’s such a giant thing, but the process Curt has developed makes it achievable.”

    – Jeremy Schultz

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    “I don’t drag myself to work now. I have to drag myself away from work. I get upset when I have to take time off. This is more fun than time off!

    I couldn’t have done it by myself. Curt had a framework to keep me moving ahead. With his insistence on exploring the ‘why’ behind the ‘what,’ I was able to get to a much deeper level of understanding. You can’t do that on your own, with a book.”

    – Dave

    “The process helped me get past my fear of moving out of a career that I know. It helped me believe it’s achievable – and there isn’t just one way to go at it.

    I came away with a greatly increased awareness about what I care about, and that awareness helped me see the possibilities out there. Seeing those options helped me take control of my own destiny.”

    – Stacy

    “For me, the fear of making a change was wrapped up in making a bad choice. ‘I think I want to do this, but what if I’m wrong?’ Now, with every choice I make, I know this is something I have an interest in, and have passion for. It all adds up.”

    – Jennifer