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  • The Aliveness CODE

    The Aliveness CODE (tm) distills your journey to feeling more energized and alive into two primary continuums of focus:

    • How to feel less constricted and more open.
    • How to feel less drained and more energized.

    CODE is an acronym of the end points of those two continuums. 

    Visually, it looks like this:


    The Aliveness CODE framework (tm)


    Drained and energized are fairly self-explanatory, but constricted and open could use some clarifying.

    On the constricted end of the spectrum are experiences like stress, anger, anxiety, and fear. On the open end of the spectrum are experiences like a sense of flow, an openness to the new, curiosity, joy, and compassion.

    Constriction is often accompanied by a constriction in the body, like a tension in your abdomen, tightness in your shoulders, or a clenched jaw.

    The goal is to spend as much time as you can towards the open and energized ends of those continuums - the space I call the Aliveness Zone (tm) - and as little time as you can towards the constricted and drained ends. Simple, right?

    The dance from constricted to open and drained to energized is a dynamic, ongoing one, unfolding from year to year, month to month, day to day, and moment by moment.

    The ongoing process of moving towards energized and open builds on seven Aliveness Keys.

    In our coaching, we will draw on each of these throughout our work together, tailoring the process specifically to you and what you need. 

    I. Energy Management

    At its simplest, Energy Management is about consciously:

    1. Increasing what energizes you and facilitates a feeling of flow
    2. Reducing what drains and depletes you and blocks that feeling of flow.

    II. Grounding & Presence

    The grounding component helps you create a more solid ground to stand on through practices like meditation, breathing practices, yoga, etc. Presence is about mindfulness – experiencing the present moment more fully, without judgment.

    Together, grounding and presence do two things. First, they work on the Open / Constricted continuum, helping create more space and reducing constrictions like stress. Second, they enable you to be more aware of, and experience more deeply, the good things in your life. That has an energizing effect.

    III. Story Management

    The stories you tell as you go through your day create the lens through which you see the world. Some of them have an enhancing effect. Others have a limiting impact. That lens shapes your experience. Change your stories, and your change how you experience life.

    The work in this area has the potential to move you towards an interpretation of what you experience that is more open (or at least less constricted) and more energizing (or at least less draining).

    IV. Focus Management

    What you focus on plays a big role in what you experience. Focus management has three main components: 1) What you notice, 2) What you dwell on, and 3) What you feed your mind.

    This area helps focus more of your attention and awareness on what is energizing and opening, rather than draining and constricting.

    V. Heart Engagement

    Coming from the heart is a portal to feeling happier, more connected, less stressed, and more resilient when things go wrong. This section builds on ideas like compassion, self-compassion, and gratitude.

    By its very nature this heart-centricity moves us towards the open end of the continuum.

    VI. Meaning & Purpose

    This module taps into the potential for meaning, making a difference, and a feeling of purpose to help you feel more engaged, motivated, and happy. This applies at both the day-to-day level and the long-term vision level.

    VII. Social Engagement

    We humans evolved as social creatures. This pillar recognizes that, and explores the wide variety of ways that social engagement can help us thrive, from emotional support to mentors to community.