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  • Benefits of life in the Aliveness Zone

  • My work focuses on helping you spend more of your life in the Aliveness Zone TM, that space where you feel more energized and in the groove, and less stressed and depleted. You have more energy, more inner space for that energy to flow, and a greater ability to turn that energy into action and results.

    Besides just being more enjoyable, life in the Aliveness Zone brings with it numerous benefits. Here’s an overview of seven of them. These are based on both extensive research in a wide range of disciplines (e.g., neuroscience, psychology, and social sciences) and the results I have seen in clients’ lives as well as my own.

    Expanded possibility: Greater possibility in your life stemming from a combination of an increased ability to see more of what’s possible and a stronger likelihood of acting on it.

    Greater equanimity: Feeling a greater sense of inner calm and peace, independent of what is happening in your life.

    Better health: Improved health in a wide range of ways, from less stress to better heart health, to lower blood pressure.

    Greater happiness and life satisfaction: Happiness that doesn’t require life to be “just right,” and a greater sense of meaning an purpose.

    Better self-image: Feeling better about yourself, more confident, less self-critical, and kinder and more self-compassionate.

    Better relationships: Stronger, deeper, and more authentic connections with the people in your life.

    Greater positive impact: More potential and ability to make the world a better place.

    Want to know more about any or all of those? Here’s a deeper dive. 

    Expanded possibility

    When you’re living in the Aliveness Zone, you experience an expansion of what’s possible. Multiple things contribute to this:

    You have a broader perspective: You are better able to see the big picture. This is the polar opposite of the tunnel vision that occurs when you’re in a constricted state like stress, anxiety, or fear.

    You see more possibilities: In the Aliveness Zone, you’re more open and receptive. You can see things you wouldn’t see in a more constricted state. Not only that, you keeping priming your brain to notice those possibilities, so it keeps getting easier to see them.

    You see more solutions: A combination of big picture perspective, ability to see how things fit together, and greater creativity help you see more solutions more readily when you’re in the Aliveness Zone.

    You’re more likely to act on the possibilities you see: Being less gripped by fear and more confident help increase the likelihood that you’ll act on the possibilities you see. You’re more likely to take risks and step out of your comfort zone.

    You’re more optimistic: Life in the Aliveness Zone tilts your perspective towards a more optimistic view, which creates a greater likelihood of assuming that the possibilities for positive change are there. They just need to be found.

    Greater equanimity

    Using the tools in the Aliveness CODE toolset can help you feel a greater sense of peace. You can develop a greater ability to navigate the challenges that come up, reduce the amount that you inflict emotional pain on yourself, and reduce your reactivity.

    Life in the Aliveness Zone is characterized by, for example:

    • Fewer negative emotions
    • Less stress
    • Less anxiety
    • Less depression
    • Less fear

    Better health

    Life in the Aliveness Zone is healthier. Not only do you benefit from a lower presence of negative states like stress, anxiety, and anger, you also get the health benefits of a greater presence of positive states and emotions like happiness, gratitude, inspiration, and love.

    You also develop a greater resiliency that allows you to bounce back from stressful experiences more quickly.

    The health benefits also stem from better self-care habits, which is both a contributor to moving into the Aliveness Zone and a natural outcome of spending time there.

    Life in the Aliveness Zone can contribute to a wide range of health benefits, including:

    • Decreased stress
    • Better heart health
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Stronger immune system
    • Better sleep
    • Pain reduction
    • Decreased inflammation
    • Greater longevity 

    Better self-image

    In the Aliveness Zone, you’re more confident. You’re more self-compassionate and less self-critical. You have a greater self-acceptance. You feel more comfortable admitting your mistakes and flaws and learning from them, rather than feeling a need to hide or ignore them. You’re more likely to feel comfortable showing up authentically. You’re more comfortable in your own skin.

    Greater life satisfaction

    In the Aliveness Zone, you feel more satisfied with life. Life feels more fulfilling. You feel more of a sense of meaning and purpose. Your happiness with life is less dependent on external circumstances and more based on your internal world. You not only notice what’s good in your life, but actively savor it.

    Better relationships

    From the foundation of the Aliveness Zone, you’re more likely to create close, authentic, and mutually supportive friendships. Your communication is likely to be more open. You become more aware of the small opportunities to create connection. People respond to the positive way you show up, which both sparks a positive experience for them and builds stronger connections. The positive impact of life in the Aliveness Zone applies at multiple levels of relationship, including:

    • Family
    • Friends
    • Professional / career
    • Casual acquaintances
    • Strangers

    Greater positive impact

    In the Aliveness Zone, your perspective is more likely to shift from one of isolation to one of connectedness and oneness. As a result, people living in the Aliveness Zone are more likely to reach out and help and more inclined to be generous. 

    Even better, life in the Aliveness Zone helps you make a difference just by the way you show up every day.

    When you are a happy, positive presence, it has an impact on the people around you. Positive emotions are contagious (as are negative emotions).

    More than that, social contagion studies have shown that it doesn’t just affect the people you come in contact with. It can ripple out to three levels of connection. (So if you’re happy, that can impact not just the people you come in contact with, but they people they interact with, and the people those people interact with.)

    You literally make a difference just by the way you live your life each day.