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  • Jen Louden – Ripple Revolution interview

  • The Twitter version of Jennifer Louden‘s focus is “self-love + world-love = will make you whole”. Her Savor & Serve approach recognizes that savoring and serving are two mutually important components of a life well-lived. One can’t jenloudensustainably thrive without the other. Bringing both of them together is vital to the whole.

    Jen’s career highlights have included a best-selling book, a regular column for Body + Soul magazine, a radio show on Marth Stewart’s Sirius network, and a guest spot on Oprah. She’s a coach, a workshop facilitator and teacher, and writer. She’s also inspiringly energized and authentic.

    In this podcast Jen shares:

    • The importance of both savoring and serving
    • The power of embracing imperfection
    • How to live from the heart
    • Why self-compassion is more effective than self-criticism
    • Ideas for bringing more savoring into your everyday life

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