• I'm on a mission to change the world from the inside out. My calling is to help you create a life you love - one that makes the world a better place just by the way you live it.

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  • If I had to identify a genre for my speaking, it would be "practical motivation."

    Motivation and inspiration are juicy, but by themselves they aren't enough. My speaking focuses on leaving people with practical, nuts-and-bolts ideas they can apply to make positive change, both in their own lives and in the world around them.

    Here are some of the talks I offer:

    Energize your life

    Each of these topics can be applied specifically to life at work or to life overall.

    The Aliveness CODE: How to feel more energized, more alive, and less stressed

    What if you had a way to feel happier and less stressed? And what if it not only made you feel better, but also helped you show up more fully in your life, increasing your willingness to step outside your comfort zone and play a bigger game.

    This talk offers a framework that does just that. In it, you will learn how to spend more of your life in the Aliveness Zone, that space where you feel energized, open, and in the groove.

    Energy Management 101: An everyday guide to feeling more energized and less drained

    "I wish I didn't feel so energized and alive!", said no person ever. So many people spend their days feeling drained, depleted, frustrated, and stressed. This talk offers a simple framework and action steps anyone can take to energize their life, starting here and now.

    It offers a simple approach to making positive change that doesn't require wholesale transformation. A better experience on the job - and a better experience in life - is within reach. The talk examines maximizing the Gain-to-Drain Ratio, doing an energy audit, and applying the four levels of change.

    Career passion

    How to get Wild About Work

    A career you love isn’t just more fun, it can also be a competitive advantage. When you feel energized by your work, you have more energy to put into succeeding, you feel more confident, and you feel more motivated to power through the inevitable obstacles.

    Whether you currently love what you do or it’s time for a change, this talk gives a simple, common-sense, step-by-step approach to building more of what energizes you into your career. It is short on fluffy motivation and long on nuts-and-bolts, practical tips on how to make it happen.

    Stress reduction & resilience

    How to feel less stressed and more alive

    Chronic stress is an epidemic in our modern culture with a far reaching impact. Using The Aliveness CODE as a framework, this talk offers an approach to reducing stress and feeling more resilient that both builds a foundation and provides ways to reduce stress in the moment.

    Making a difference

    How to make your life your legacy

    In the face of all the problems we see in the world, it can be easy to feel helpless and hopeless about our individual ability to make a difference.

    But the truth is, we each have a mind-bogglingly huge potential to make the world a better place, just by the way we live our everyday lives.

    Every one of us is already leaving a legacy - more specifically, a "Ripple Legacy," the cumulative impact, both immediate and ongoing, of the choices we make and actions we take every day.

    This talk looks at eight ways to consciously tip the Ripple Legacy we're creating in a positive direction, and will leave attendees with specific questions they can ask and steps they can take to take charge of making their life their legacy.

    The Inner Work of Peace

    There is a quote often attributed to Gandhi that says, "Be the change you want to see in the world." This talk takes a look at how to put that idea into practice.