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  • Stress Less for the Holidays!

  • The holiday season is right around the corner, and for many people that means one thing – stress, Stress, STRESS!

    You can grit your teeth and suffer on through yet again, or this year you can do something different.

    If you’ve had enough teeth-gritting, read on. Because I’m offering a special personalized coaching package aimed at helping you navigate holiday stress more fluidly.

    And through November 10th, I’m offering it at a special low rate. 

    It’s a six-session phone- or Skype-based package aimed at helping you:

    • Build a more solid inner foundation to stand on.
    • Develop tools to use when stress rears its head.
    • Change your experience, even when you can’t change the circumstances.
    • Develop a stronger inner sense of peace.
    • Cultivate an inner well-being independent of what’s happening around you.
    • Build a greater awareness of how you contribute to your own stress, and how to change that.

    The program is based on The Aliveness CODE, the framework I developed based on a combination of my work over the last 16 years helping stressed-out career changers improve their here-and-now, and disciplines like neuroscience, psychology, and human physiology.

    (Check out these client testimonials for a picture of the impact the work has had in the lives of past clients.)

    If you want to get a jumpstart on dialing down your holiday stress, now is the time to start! With that in mind, if you sign up by November 10th, I’m offering a special six-session package for the investment you would ordinarily make in four.

    Ordinarily this package would be $900 for six sessions. Take me up on this offer by the 10th, though, and it’s only $600 for the six sessions.

    Drop me a line at curt@curtrosengren.com and let’s explore if this is right for you!